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Generative AI, such as ChatGPT and Dolly, has undoubtedly changed the technology landscape and unlocked transformational use cases, such as creating original content, generating code and expediting customer service. And the technology's applications are growing daily. This course also introduces basic Machine learning concepts

This program is structured for College students , Veterans and anyone trying to get into tech industry. This program is structured with personalised courses of Gen AI, full stack development, Machine learning and variety of potential internships to apply learnings.

Frame work:
- “Legitimate” real-world project experience
- Internship experience
- Mentorship opportunities
- Content creation
- Project management
- full stack development skills

Well structured curriculum
Project based
Internship based

Industry connection through nexclap ( platform

Endorsement/testimonial of the experience and

Content creation (Blogs/Video shorts)
Internships/project opportunities (Perpetual)

Duration : 6 months
Class structure : 6hrs. of a week + project work .
Video courses + home work from
[ Mentor availability throughout the day]

After 6 months -
Continuation of internships
(if there's a mutual interest)
Help with course from mentors on demand
Project participations under mentorship

$12,000 / year plus 3% admin fee
1 year